Galeri Perang Dunia II

American B-26 bombers pound German targets

 British soldiers on the beaches of Normandy. After D-day.

Men from the Italian SS division

 British Liberator bomber hit by German ack ack

 An American soldier in action with a flame-thrower

 A German transport plane has landed in the snows of Russia

 The ubiquitous and famous German motorcyclists in France

 These American soldiers won't be fighting anymore

 Finnish soldiers at Petrozavodsk

 The allies meet. May 1945. American and Russian troops meet in Germany

This is what remained of the ambitious German defences.  Atlantic Wall in Normandy

 Another marvel of German engineering. The railway 240 mm gun.

American marines take a breather

The Japanese Ha Go tank has been blown into inaction

Hungarian mini-tanks on the move

A Japanese kamikaze plane is shot before it could plunge onto the American aircraft carrier

Soviet soldiers engaged in bitter street fighting to finish off the remnants of the German resistance in Vienna. April 1945

American soldiers face fierce Japanese fire. Iowa Jima. February 1945


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