How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

We know Traffic for our sites is crucial.For each site to be successful it must have regular targeted Traffic.Without visitors to the Web site,all your efforts will not see any results.How to get one way links and traffic to your website quickly?Well,I will try to share 5 sure-fire way to increase traffic to your website without spending a penny.

1. Use Video presentation: One of the easiest ways to promote your website is to make a video about what you want to promote the link with your site url.Upload your videos on YouTube,Google Video or 5min.Posting a video will cost you something.They are all free at these sites.These sites are very SEO friendly and you can be a ton of traffic to be placed in the first page of Google Everything just for you for taking the time to make a quick video 5minutes.If you have never done a video before and do not know how to go about it,you can download CamStudio.CamStudio is a screen recording software tools and it's free.If you need to edit and organize the video that you can use window film to do and have done editing before you upload.

2. Write an Article: write an article about something that you promote.Post them on article directories like Ezine Articles.In exchange for adding valuable content,you will add your website link in the resource or bio box at the end of the article.The more articles you write more links you have on your site.It is therefore important to be committed to writing articles to article directories (maybe write an article on the day) so you can get the most out of this Free Marketing Tactics.

3. Submit your article on Social Bookmarking: In addition to the article directories you can expose your article to an Online Social Bookmarking Sites.When your article is finished,go to Social Bookmarking Sites and submit your article there.

4. Join Google Groups: This is both free and run highly targeted to your site.Go to Google Groups and find the Google Group which is closest to what you are promoting or principally related to your site content.Join the group discussions and,where appropriate,refer them to their website link.

5. Use Twitter: Twitter conquered the world in 2009 and there will be one of the fastest growing communities.Ignoring Twitter can cost you dearly.Twitter is free to join and once you build thousands of followers,you can easily drive instant traffic just by supporting your website link on your Twitter Updates.I Hope with this Tips,you can easily Increase Your Traffic

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